The location

Bagamoyo is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean approximately 70 km north of Dar es Salaam.

Travelling from Dar International Airport is a 1.5 hour drive on a smooth tarmac road. (Make sure you try to miss the morning and evening traffic rush hours as the trip could take considerably longer.)

Taxis at the airport presently charge Tzs 120,000 / $US 100 to Bagamoyo / Travellers Lodge. You can book an airport transfer through our resident driver for $US 80.

Local “dala dala” minibuses leave frequently from Mwenge bus stand for Tzs 4500 arriving at Bagamoyo bus stand. From there take a piki-piki (motor bike) or bajaj (tuk tuk) for Tsz 1500 to Travellers Lodge.

If you are arriving from the north (northern circuit) of Tanzania on the highway from Arusha, turn off the main road at the Msata Junction and follow the new tarmac road directly to Bagamoyo.

How to find us in Bagamoyo:
As the road from Dar es Salaam ends, turn left at the small fuel station and stay straight right while driving past the radio towers. After all the speed bumps mercifully end, turn right when you see our sign immediately after the first bend in the road.

S 06° 26.069`
EO 38° 54.225`
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