Saadani National Park

Situated only 45km from Bagamoyo, Saadani NP offers visitors unique opportunities for exploring Tanzania’s wilderness by combining the park’s varied landscapes of forest and river with savanna and seaside.

Saadani’s diverse natural setting makes any trip through the park an memorable experience. The fascinating combination of Saadani’s grasslands, forests, river and ocean allows for a particularly captivating range of flora and fauna.

Visitors can look forward to trying to spot the over 40 mammal species during game drives. Here at Saadani elephants have been known to occasionally play in the ocean and one of the world’s largest green turtle breeding grounds is on display each summer. To be seen are plentiful numbers of birds (over 140 species recorded), reptiles, snakes and insects.

Walking safaris are encouraged in the Zaraninga Forest and on the many untouched Indian Ocean beaches that distinguish Saadani NP from any other wildlife sanctuary in East Africa.

During the river cruise, leisurely drift down the peaceful and fascinating Wami River stopping to see the many hippos, birds & crocodiles along the way, and then – when river bank turns to sandy beach – climb from the boat for a cool refreshing ocean swim!

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